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Welcome to Ramanujan Universe

A high performance supercomputing facility for Next age & Quantum Computing dedicated to Srinivasa Ramanujan on his Birth Anniversary on 22nd December 2023 (National Mathematics Day) at JIIT, Noida

Learning Complex Algorithms

To enhance understanding of Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Mathematical Computing and Computational Modeling and be Market Ready Al & ML Programmer/ Educator.

Foster Creativity & Innovation

Aids Exposure, encourages students to think innovatively, and work on projects that have real-world applications, with Large Scale Solutions approach for challenges in the future.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Amongst students from different disciplines, combining business, science, engineering, and more.

Advanced Research & Collaborative Projects

Computationally intensive research, groundbreaking discoveries and contributions, strengthening research networks both internally and externally.

Scale Up product

Scale Up product with Computing Power for new multidisciplinary initiatives based on Quantum Communication and Computing.

Ecosystem Creation

Ecosystem Creation and Collaboration for High Value Solutions to large and complex problems in various industries, sectors and segments.

Implement novel design and testing

Implement novel design and testing of APPS and software platforms involving big data and testing at a large commercial scale.


Research, Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship (RIDE) at JUs, fosters innovation and incubates Emerging Ideas, provides technical, business and financial support and Mentorship to Incubatees.

Opportunity to collaborate

Opportunity to collaborate with corporates.

Access to perform benchmarking

Access to perform benchmarking of their Al algorithms

Our gratitude to

Srinivasa Ramanujan

(22 December 1887- 26 April 1920)

His extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis include Number Theory, Infinite Series and Continued Fractions, Modular Forms & Elliptic Functions and Mock Theta Functions which led to quantum entropy and thus black hole, in 2012.

Rademacher's proof established the validity of Ramanujan's formula and confirmed its remarkable accuracy. The Ramanujan – Rademacher formula has since become an essential tool in the study of partition functions and related areas of number theory.


Bachelor of Science, Cambridge University, upgraded to Ph.D. in 1920.


First Indian to be honored as a Fellow of the Royal Society.


'The Ramanujan Journal' launched

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Supercomputing allows solution for complex mathematical and computational tasks involving large data at a faster speed, and serves as a Catalyst for Academic and Research Excellence, Business Scale up and Startups Growth & Collaborations.